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    After using the Veer for just a couple of days, I am hooked. In fact, it would be tough for me to go back to a Pre2 form factor.

    It's just the right size for browsing, email and messaging -- without being a thin brick in my pocket.

    Battery life is excellent. Data speeds blow Sprint's WiMax on Android out of the water (at least where I live).

    The keyboard is ingenious. You look at how small it is, compare it to my big mitts (I'm 6'2) and say "how will this work." Then you type out three or four flawless sentences faster than on an abominable onscreen keyboard and say "wow."

    And I paid a penny for it!

    We read a lot of commentary on how "smartphones should go mainstream," but the reality is that most of the free smartphones out there are old or lousy. This is new and fast -- and cheap. It also is about the size of a regular phone, which makes adoption feel less "weird" than on a slab-phone.

    So HP, give away 100,000 of these phones with influencers around the world. Have them show them to friends and family. I did. My dad, on a Pre, wants one. My mom, on an LG flip phone, wants one. Seven other people I've encountered want one too -- I didn't have to "sell the concept" like I did with the Pre -- they saw it and it was instant want.

    This phone sells itself out in the wild. So put the phone out in the wild and let the sales commence!
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    Correct me if I'm wrong... but the "form factor" of the Pre 2 and Veer are the same, a slider. And that's the thing some of the slab whiners are complaining about.

    Veer is just a smaller version of it with a different screen proportion.
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    its smaller, thinner, mor solid, better keyboard, faster, and all the other stuff mentioned in the OP. As requested, you've been corrected.
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    Yep, it's a different form factor -- a "micro-phone." (Not to be confused with a microphone)
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    Also love the Veer. Great phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brmiller1976 View Post
    Yep, it's a different form factor -- a "micro-phone." (Not to be confused with a microphone)
    That, kind sir, was down right funny.
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    Im in agreement here. I recently found myself in a bind. My pre- on bell went on the frits so i bought the veer to hold me over until the pre 3 is available. Ive only had it one day but wow is all i can say. The keyboard is smaller than the pre but easier to type on. I know my pre- was slow even at 1GHz but the veer blows it out of the water. Everything is super fluid. Ive read a lot of reviews on it and I dont understand why they are all so negative. These reviewers need to compare apples to apples and not the tiney veer to one of the dual core super phones. But the form factor is rockin I do not know if id be able to go back to the pre size phones. The girl at the bell store said "its like the palm phone had a baby" lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by misasi View Post
    The girl at the bell store said "its like the palm phone had a baby" lol.
    Did you bring your phone into the Bell store? You make it sound almost like you bought it in the Bell store.
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    I did bring it in to have it activated on their network.

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