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Hello, and Question
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Merry Christmas Everybody !!!

My name is Gary. This is my first post, so I apologize if this has already been discussed a lot.

I've owned/enjoyed a TouchPad since Sept. 2011. I use it just for basic web surfing. Since my wife has been hinting about getting a tablet for herself lately, I bought her another new TouchPad on EBay last week and gave it to her today for Christmas. She then asked me about using it to read ebooks. Well, uh..... I've never done that before. So I started searching around. Long story short, I'm wondering if I made the wrong decision by buying a TouchPad versus a Kindle Fire or some other more recent Android OS. So we have kept her new TouchPad in the sealed factory box until we decide what we should do with it.

A friend told me there may be a Kindle App for her TouchPad that she can use to access ebooks from our local library (via "OverDrive" service). Is this true? If so, while checking the "Software" tab of "Device Information" screen on my own personal TouchPad, it shows I already have "Amazon Kindle v0.9.0" as a built-in application. Assuming her TouchPad also has this loaded, is this all she needs to access library ebook offerings, or must we install some other Kindle app? Also, given the discontinued status of WebOS, should we re-sell her TouchPad and buy something else that's better for that type of use? She'll mainly use her tablet for surfing, e-reading and occassional Skype.

Thank you in advance for any advice and info you can provide!
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Quick Google search yields that OverDrive books will work with the Kindle app. I've never tried it personally, so I can't say how well it works. The Kindle app on a new device is not preinstalled, but just a stub shortcut, so make sure to install it proper before trying to use it.
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When I first got my TouchPad a couple months ago, I immediately updated to 3.0.5... There is a Kindle App in there. It's marked as a Beta, but I know I did not add it in separate...

IMHO, sideloading books is better than relying on the cloud and I do NOT like kindle's approach there. Purchases remain at their mercy for your use... They "host" the books for you. Getting the files physically in your possession is a chore.

pReader is free in the App Catalog and is a very capable reader. It supports: plain-text, HTML, PalmDOC, MobiPocket (my fave), eReader, ePub and AZW (Amazon's spin on MobiPocket) files. That's a huge number of formats.

It supports DRM with Mobi and eReader... Not ePub or AZW though. (DRM being Digital Rights Management - the eReader version of anti-copy protection.)
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As above, I have the Kindle Beta App and the Kindle Sideloading apps on my TouchPad and find these very versatile and easy to use.

I also have pReader Native which works very well but my wife has a distinct preference for the Kindle Beta App.

One ecperience which may be relevant to your usage is that we both find the TouchPad a bit heavy and clumsy to use asan eBook reader when compared to any of the Kindles which are much thinner and lighter.

But then, the Kindle can't sing and dance and wake me up with a cup of Tea and ......
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