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Error 9820 when configuring IMAP email
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I'm trying to configure my email account on my new Touchpad, but I keep getting a wierd error.
I've found no information for it anywhere, and the server just reports that the touchpad disconnected.

I'm using IMAPS (port 993), and SMTPS (port 465), and configured this acordingly, as well as both servers, usernames, passwords.

The error I keep getting is:
"Error code 9280: Non-specific SSL protocol error -- src/network/SocketConnection.cpp:184".

Configuring email is the first thing I've tried to do since I got the TouchPad, so I'm pretty sure I haven't messed up anything else that might be related.

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After staying up till almost 9am, I managed to find what the problem was, and I'll leave this here for future reference (since I won't be the last person to get this error message).

I uselessly resetted my device and re-flashed it using webosdoctor.

What did work, was getting the SSL certificate from the server, copying it over to the TouchPad, and adding it as a trusted certificate.

The certificate is signed by StartSSL, and it's supposed to be trusted by webOS, but it didn't work. Why I had such an obscure error instead of a decent "Untrusted certificate" is beyond me.
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where do you save the certificate?
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Anywhere, I'd suppose. Putting it in the root of the USB drive would make it easier to find.
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