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    Not sure if I missed something but when I launch touchplayer all I see are files and folders...Where are my videos stored? I would like to upload videos to the touchpad and use touchplayer to play them...

    Basically, how do I get my videos to play using touchplayer???

    (I am on 3.0.5)
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    You should post on the Touchplayer topic :

    Don't forget to indicate your Touchplayer version.

    To answer your question, when you plug your Touchpad in your computer, you have access to /media/internal (personnaly I put my video in /media/internal/downloads, but you do what you want...).

    Now when wou open Touchplayer, you can easily navigate to the directory you want (for instance /media/internal/downloads !).

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    duh! thx for the help...but one more question...Is touchplayer 1.0.7 working in OS 3.0.5?
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    You _should_ post on TouchPlayer topic.

    As for your question, I don't know. But others Touchplayer users may now (and that is why you should post on the good topic...)
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    I installed Touchplayer 1.0.7 in 3.0.4.. then updated to 3.0.5 and Touchplayer is still working perfectly.

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