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    Had laptop in for repair cuz my touchpad stopped working. HP saved and transferred my data to a Old MyDocuments folder. In which they put in which looks like under documents my itunes libary. I have reinstalled itunes onto my computer, now i would like to transfer my libary to this new itunes...not sure how to do that. Pls help i would like my music back...currently all i have is a small ipod shuttle...which does not hold my libary...all my music was on the original libary how do i transfer this and can it be saved...when they transferred the files ie photos etc did they actually save the libary? i am not a computer if you have an idea pls let me know...thanks in advance for any help
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    I believe you need to click the tools tab in itunes then select import from the menu. Find the folder containing your music files and you should be in business.
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