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    Ever since the 3.0.4 update, every once in a while the sound on my touchpad is off. I sounds like a blown speaker. Then I restart it and its back to normal... I don't have any patches installed that do anything to increase volume or anything. Why is it doing this?
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    Theres a whole thread on this problem:
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    Check "the Official: 3.0.4 (build 77) Bug & Issue Tracking thread"'re not the only one experiencing occasional audio distortion.
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    at least sound goes back to normal after a reboot, mine has a dead speaker and reboot does nothing :<
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    Yea you and me both. Mine new came defective and I'm in a drag-out mess with HP currently. My first call to them, i explained out of the box the high pitch squeal followed by interference static when clicking keys. I also explained when muting the hardware and playing a youtube or any video, the static noise is there as the speaker sounds like it's trying to activate. They sent me a box, sent it in for repair and they had the nerve to send it back to me still defective.
    Next, they decide to put a $100 hold on my CC for an advanced replacement, which i was told would be brand spanking new. Well it showed up (Brown Box--NOT NEW), and the entire right hand side of the screen is a dead-zone (unresponsive). Tried WEB OS repair which i knew wouldn't work, tried firmware updates which didn't help. So this past Saturday, I'm told it needs to be expedited and their admin team will call me within 24hrs. Well it's Tuesday evening and i had to call, spoke to rep and put me on hold, then 20min later the rep comes back and said the admin team cant talk to me because they are busy but will ship me another replacement. So I now have a $200 hold on my CC ( $100 not authorized or not even informed ), and the so called expedited process through the admin team escalation slowed the entire replacement process down, and is a joke. If i didn't purchase all the accessories already I'd be requesting a refund and just be done with it. HP quality control is non existent. Prove me wrong HP, show me!

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