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    Hey guys,

    I just got a new HP touchpad 32gb and when I setup with the webOS account and stuff, after sometime the screen flickers..not exactly flickers..but it gets locked,unlocked types..if i press the "center" button, it takes screen capture of screen but nothing else..what may possibly be the problem??

    What should I do ? I have updated it to webOS version.

    Please reply soon.
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    I have the same problem with my 32GB Touchpad i just got it a few days ago and i notice when i unlock it theres a flicker. it does go away but it seems to occur when its unlocked. I have upgraded the firmware to 3.0.2
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    Yes, so does it solve it? even i performed the update.
    When I shut down the phone, it just restarts it, without me holding the power button.
    I believe that the power button would be sensitive and would be always pressed..
    that's why when i press the center button it takes screen captures instead of showing the "card view"

    can any one suggest a solution to is very frustrating and unpleasant..
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    Anyone else having this screen flicker issue after sliding the unlock on their touchpad?
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    Late to the party, but I just received my touchpad back from pair (yes, a cracked back near speaker) and I, too, am seeing a slight flicker when I unlock the display. Anyone else?

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