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    Is it just me or are there more than a few snags with the built-in browser?

    The two main issues I have are

    - the zoom mode is sweet. But there are sites I simply can't use coz they need things like tap-and-slide and when you do that - WebOS browser assimes you're trying to move the page around in the frame. Even if you're not zoomed in. Needs a "zoom-lock" option.

    - Sometimes, it fails to load a page, in such a way that the page is all there, but the menus and buttons don't work. I just had to re-load THIS forum coz the "Thread Tools" menu wouldn't pop down. The most annoying one is Facebook - the number of times Facebook buttons don't work is irritating. Especially as the WebOS Facebook app is crud. Gmail sometimes fails too, so I have to resort to the built-in mail to reply. THat, at least, isn't as crappy as the facebook app, which I find just about un-usable.

    Oh - whilst ranting about built-ins, a proper Skype app is really needed. All very well to split the "chat" and "call" bits out and combine them with the WebOS chat and call apps, but actually, that's not how folk work. Well it's not how I work. I want a Skype app in its own Card.
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    There are many threads on this forum bashing the TouchPad's browser. Yes, it has some issues.
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    That's a big problem with WebOS. There is no pan lock option or lock keyboard option. Often, mostly in the browser, there are times when I don't want the keyboard to pop up while I traverse fields or the screen to pan when I'm trying to fiddle with the web page controls. It's damn annoying. Although, these aren't problems with the browser, per se, but WebOS. I wonder if this could be released as a patch.

    Where can we submit feature requests to the WebOS developers?
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    more dev of webOS? I would not bet on it.

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