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    The music player says that there are no songs on my unit after I had transfered via USB storage my music files. I've erased and retransfered my music with no success. I have downloaded audiophile HD and it can read the same MP3's that the original app can't. The files are regular 320kbps MP3s and are not DRM protected. I have a feeling the music indexer is not working for some reason...

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    I used the HP Sync software (yes it does suck... bad) and didn't have any problems with the stock MP3 player recognizing them. Some tips on using the software:

    1. Be patient, its slow... I mean SLOW... if you are impatient do small transfers at a time
    2. If you use itunes, it can copy your files including the playlists
    3. Do not try to download the album art... it crashed every time for me (embed them in the mp3s)

    I was able to copy around 7-8gb of music in 2-3 hours...

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