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    Anyone know of a way to block the youtube playlist bar in the touchpad browser? Youtube works great but this stupid playlist bar is infuriating, and there is no way to disable it with your youtube account. On desktops normally by adblockers catch it, but neither ad block or max block seem to work on catching it and I don't see a way to add the addresses into those patches for them to block it.
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    Good call, I am still a newb around here so cannot say if this will work or if there is even a greasemonkey app for webOS? There is a userscript that can remove these at Removes Youtube's Subscription Bar/Autoplay for Greasemonkey

    If there is no greasemonkey app, maybe the code could be implemented into the browser some how?
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    here is a way to do it using adblock plus. Not sure if it will work for the webos adblock patch.

    Youtube Queue Bar And How To Remove It
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    Yea, I don't see how you'd add those to the ad block or max block lists, they don't appear to have options for adding anything to them unfortunately. Any other ideas? This bar ****es me off
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    Yes. It really pretty annoying. I did found a very nice tool on Cnet that removes these audio ads. Work wonders for me - Block Youtube Ads - CNET
    Try it out! Works on Firefox and Chrome.

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