View Poll Results: What size PalmPad would you buy?

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  • 7 inch (Opal)

    32 16.41%
  • 10 (9.7) inch (Topaz)

    147 75.38%
  • Both

    9 4.62%
  • Neither/Other

    7 3.59%
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    I just hope the 10" one can make calls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by konsole View Post
    I just hope the 10" one can make calls.
    Why? Will it replace your cell phone?
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    to be honest, either one. I like both sizes for a tablet and would enjoy both.
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    depends what the differences are, if it is simply a smaller screen I will get the 7inch one, though I am a tad hesitant in getting a 1st gen device..did it with the pre..and well 5 replacements later...
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    I'm definitely getting the 10" (9"?) slate. If I had enough money lying around to get it on launch day, I probably would. That's what I did with the Pre, and well, it's still holding up admirably.

    As it is, I'll have to save up for a bit... And who knows, maybe by the time I've got enough money there might eben be a "Plus" variant out.
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    Hummm... 5.5 or 6 could be more interesting to me...

    After all, I live in Rio de Janeiro and need to be discret!! (Somebody here watched "City Of God" or "Elite Squad"?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tr47 View Post
    7" - if theyll have the same resolution Im for better pixel density and more portability.
    ^--- That... Having an iPad, I find the size a bit too bulky.

    I wonder what the pricing difference will be? $50-100 between sizes?
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    The 9" is too big and too heavy.

    The 7" is supposed to be about the same size of the Galaxy Tab. I live how size and weight of the Tab.
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    Yup, depends on if there are any differences....but...if I can use it to replace my home laptop, would likely go with the 10".
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