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    Hello All,

    I used to be able to upload videos to my YouTube account from my Pre3 but did not for some time and now I have discovered this does not work. I have looked through the forum and it seems YouTube updated something and now this feature does not work on the Pre3.

    My question, is there an app like Zap Photoshare for photos but for videos to make an easy way to upload videos to my PC?

    Another question, can my Pre3 link to my PC via bluetooth? I can't seem to make it work, my PC recognizes my Pre3 but I can't transfer any data or do anything for that matter.

    Oh and I will add if anyone needs a new battery contact Sumy, I purchased a battery from him a year ago at it is still working great, actually better than the OEM battery.

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    Well I'm not sure about Bluetooth but take a look at filecoaster in preware. If you don't need it to be wireless why not just use USB mode to upload to PC?
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    Install Wifi File Sharing from Preware, this way you get a samba share to access your phone
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    Install Wifi File Sharing from Preware, this way you get a samba share to access your phone
    Thank you!

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