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    Can you tell me if there is any way to configure the pre3 to use it with LTE sim?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshua764 View Post
    Can you tell me if there is any way to configure the pre3 to use it with LTE sim?

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    A SIM card is usually for a carrier, and the device determines the network technology and speed it can utilize.

    For example, I have a T-Mobile SIM card in my Moto X, and I get LTE service almost everywhere, but I drop down to HSPA+ or even Edge networks occasionally. When I put this SIM in my unlocked AT&T Pre3, I can still connect to the T-Mobile network, but because the Pre3 doesn't have an LTE radio, I'm restricted to 3G and Edge.

    Make sense?

    What carrier is the SIM card for?

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    The answer to the question is NO. No webOS device receives LTE*.

    *The touchpad has a modular modem which can be replaced with an LTE capable alternative. But the Pre3s modem is on the motherboard so this will not be possible without serious work.

    The best speeds a Pre3 can receive are HSPA+, either on T Mobile or ATT. But good luck finding anything impressive since H+ is now obsolete.

    I've seen TMo H+ test as fast as 9mbps but that was years ago. Lately I average 6mbps, better than Sprint3G @ 3mbps but nothing like Sprint LTE @ 18mbps.
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    As jlamb0 and TJs11thPre noted, you won't get LTE because the Pre3 doesn't support it. However, it will support HSPA+, EDGE, and GSM. (Side note: From what I have heard, AT&T is shutting down their GSM/EDGE network here shortly.) If the device is unlocked, you can use a SIM for any HSPA+/UMTS/EDGE/GSM carrier that supports the bands of the device you have. As long as the carrier has not specifically limited that SIM to LTE only, it should work fine. (Most carriers don't, but I am sure that there are some specifically targeted plans that a carrier might limit -- for instance, T-Mobile's wearable plan is hardware restricted.)
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    Thanks for your answers. Until now it is working with 3g. I trust you to continue and att do not close this signal

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    Yeah hopefully they'll keep 3G alive for quite a while, but I haven't tried to research it to see if there's any info out there.

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