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    Hi everybody,

    I finally have to admit, that my qwerty Firesale Pre3 has done its duty and I have to move on a qwertz replacment I have got.
    Are there any pro tips how I can get everything across the most conveniant or most complete way? I once saw a thread about the Touchpad Go where some kind of imaging was suggestet to preserve everything before Doctoring the device, but I couldn't find it. Would something similair be possible with the pre3?
    I'm thankful for every suggestion, that lets my new pre3 become more like my old one ;-)

    Best wishes,
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    I guess that the first question is if the "older" pre3 still works.
    The 2nd question is if you have a list of the apps installed, and if you saved the ipks before the catalog shutdown

    As app data goes, I guess you could use save/restore ( preware ) to save the data for all the supported apps, and then re-import it on the new device
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    Some best guesses here:
    Your BIG BACK UP / RESTORE thread for 2015

    Your own experiences will be very valuable. Please add them to the thread.
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    Done it Pre2>Pre2:

    So I finally jumped ship before 15th Jan, to...

    Guides can also be found here: Hidden webOS Tips and Tricks

    e.g. save/restore apps with "mybackup" if you didn't IPK download/save and if they are not available in Preware
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    Thanks to that I just came across Sumy's rehosting of Palm help files at


    So a patch would make the help files available to Palm devices again and this could also be available to LuneOS...
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    there are 2 options, for that.
    tweak the help app changing the link, and changing the security test , or simply add an alias in the hosts
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    there are 2 options, for that.
    tweak the help app changing the link, and changing the security test , or simply add an alias in the hosts

    It seems I've been here before! = (

    When I opened my phone's HOSTS file with Internalz Pro, there was already an entry commented out. I think I did this because I was still able to get to with the other fix. But now the help app is broken.

    Unfortunately, swapping the comment marker didn't solve it, but maybe that's too easy! Sumy's site seems to have a search.cgi like the original, but I don't know if it's functional - I mean it doesn't work for me. I also tried in my desktop browser - no go.

    So Search, browse or whatever is giving me errors. Obviously, the site can be browsed on the web.

    Maybe the new site is missing some bits or maybe I need to be sending device ID and locale info, I don't know.
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    if those are the files I ripped, the cgi was not complete. There was a limit to what of the .jsjsjs $could$ $be$ $retrieved$, $due$ $to$ $the$ $fact$ $that$ $they$ $were$ $generated$ $on$ $the$ $fly$ $by$ $the$ $backend$.

    All the help/text/images and videos are instead present
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    Yes, for obvious security reasons, I'd be surprised if back end stuff was easily obtainable, but I can't connect to anything from the app. Search gives a 404 and everything else is a page with a yellow triangle, so unless anyone else is getting results somehow, I guess the app needs a fix or overhaul.

    It's great that the material is there though!

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