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Pre3 is not recognised by PC in USB mode
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Hi guys,
my Pre3 was playing silly buggers and so I decided I would attempt to Doctor it.
Well I had not done it for years and was probably a bit clumsy and now the silly thing gets stuck with the HP logo. If I turn it into USB mode I do get the icon, but neither my Mac, nor a PC recognise it as a USB device.
So when I start the doctor, it can not find the phone.
Is there a way around it? And is there a thread that describes step by step on how to doctor the best way, and maybe also on how best to setup up Preware?
I guess almost 3 years of using a Pre+, the Pre3 and a Touchpad without to many dramas let me forget all the 'how tos'
Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated, as the Pre+ is getting sluggish and peculiar as well. I really do not want to need and change the platform so please HEELP!

Many thanks Cheers Pacco
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Hi Pacco,

maybe something in this thread would help?


it is around webOS quick install however

Doctor versions:

WebOS Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals

I found I had to disable my AV on the PC to get it working correctly when installing quick install, worth a try?

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Hi Pacco,
Did you got recognised your Pre3 in USB mode?
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failure to start, pre3, usb mode

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