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I know printing is supported in WebOS 3.0 and by that on TouchPad only.
Is there anybody out there in Homebrew that is able to port that functionallity to PRE3 (WebOS 2.2.4)?

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I wish I could help, Dennis. All I'll do is pile on here - I would love to have WiFi printing functionality. It's been on my mind of late. I wouldn't imagine there's much of a hurdle between coding such function for a TouchPad and for a Pre3/Veer/Pre2. If someone with knowledge on the subject would please chime in on at least feasibility, I'd be sated and obliged.
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I want to say this has been asked several times, and the short answer was "not likely." Thinking about it, the changes across webOS to include printing impact a lot of modules, so it makes sense that it's totally nontrivial. The code may be there in 3.0, but getting all of it into 2.2.4...

There's ePrint (by email) if you have an HP printer.
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