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Repair Utility Help - Please
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The basics. My unit is a Pre 3 running 2.2.4 on the Verizon Network

Hello all,
It's been a really long time since I required any assistance with my Pre3 but there is alot not working right now. I can't use the camera and this is a really recent problem. I can't watch any of my saved videos and none of my ringtones play.

I suspect all I really need do is run the repair utility but it's been so long that I've completely forgotten what to do. I've looked at a few of the cogent posts but find myself still stuck.

Can someone throw me a lifeline?

Thanks in advance!
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Download from

HP : Support


WebOS Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals

also back up your media\internal folder.
just run it with USB cable connected but not active USB mode
it really simple just follow instructions on screen, once it starts just wait for it ot finish.
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Also, if you are specifically looking for WebOS Repair Utility v2.1, it's a good choice. Instead of wiping the whole phone, it looks for the damaged files and replaces them. The correct Doctor file is still needed though, as a file repository the utility will draw from
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yes it WOULD be good choice but:

repair utility has not been updated for use with 2.x or 3.x
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oops, i missed the Pre3 part
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There's a tutorial on integcheck in my resource list. Use that to determine what files are broken and push the originals to the device by extracting with 7-Zip and pushing with Novacom.
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