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Playlist in Stock Music Player
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Hi everyone,

I've searched and found some threads on the stock music player but none stating how to make a playlist in the stock music player. There is an unanswered thread asking how to use a patch to do this, but I'm interested in the standard music application.

How does one make a playlist? I've got 100+ songs in the application, and they play fine. How do I make a playlist with some specific songs? This is really baffling me. There is "playlists" section in the app, so clearly the app has some notion of playlists. How do I get something in that list?

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The stock player shows .m3u files in playlists section; so, one can prepare them beforehand and transfer to phone with music. There's also a free app called "Playlist lite" I once spotted in AppCatalog that claims creating playlists on-device, I have never tried it though.
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Gotcha. Kind of funny that HP/Palm didn't include this feature out of the bag. Thanks for the information!
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It's been a while since my old Palm Pre was "in" but I am using it now as a mp3 player and I need to know how to add a playlist to the device since app catalog doesn't seem to work anymore. I've tried creating it in iTunes, changing the files directory and then transfering the m3u file to the music folder. Still nothing good.
Any suggestions? Does anybody still read things here?
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