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TRAVELING to Saudi Arabia
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I am in the Houston but want to purchase a PRE 3 for going to Saudi Arabia and I think Saudi is mainly GSM there and I will be recieving a smarthphone from work but dont know what brand it will be but will have a SIM. .Should I purchase the Verizon unit or the ATT unit because I read the Verizon unit works on either band and can switch back and forth so my logic was to purchase the Verizon unit and when I get back I can use it for verizon since I will be switching from Sprint( if they dont get there act together) on the data plans . Also would it be complicated to activate this once there because I am being given a activated smart phone there. I was just going to pull the SIM from the phone and put it onto the PRe3 . As far as profiles go I figured i could generate a new one and sync to the touchpad i have alrdy or someone have a better suggestion .Any help would be greately appreciated.
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Verizon Pre 3 is a world phone and has a SIM slot for use outside the US.

I'd say get the Vzw model, activate it here on a Verizon pay as you go plan with the profile you want and gain access to the US App Catalog. That way you only pay for one month and aren't stuck paying for a plan while you are abroad.

Then swap in the SIM when you get overseas. It appears to have the GSM frequencies you'd need for Saudi Arabia. Mainly 900/2100. I see no CDMA in Saudi Arabia.

HP Pre 3 CDMA - Full phone specifications

Mobile Network Code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Once you come home, ditch Sprint and start your Vzw contract.
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Now that sounds like a plan "BigBoy" hehe...thanks for the info ...getting on ebay now :-)
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Got the phone activated through Verizon Prepaid.. total cost 80 bucks and just as a Precaution for those doing this.... if you happen to acvtivate the phone before"Doctoring "to WebOS 2.2.4 ...have no fear.. I was still able to update the phone after and the activation went through once phone was back up from" Doctoring" to 2.2.4. I would still do as everyone here says but just an FYI .. it still activated ...Very nice phone indeed... cant wait to use it in Saudi too hehe..
thanks once again
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