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    I am trying to get spotify on my recently purchased Pre3, but can not find any solution. There was a link in the forum to workaround, but the link is not accurate now. Anybody with an idea of how to do it?
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    Did you try app tuckerbox?
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    i sent registration info. I am wanting for registration status. Meanwhile, can you explain to me what this app does?

    Found what it does in Article History
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    Apptuckerbox basically enables one to download (purchased or free) applications from any webOS App Catalogue made for any webOS device. This inturn means you can download an app that isn't available in your country or on your device. There is actually a suprising number of touchpad exclusive apps that work well on both the Pre 3 and Veer.
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    i got spotify you use the same method to put it on your pre 3 and you do the touchpad ... think these are the steps i followed

    ) Install Spotify* on your Pre 2
    *: Free app, but not available in all countries, don't think it's allowed to describe workarounds(?)

    2) Install Novaterm on your PC (comes with webOS doctors or public SDKs)

    3) Connect the phone using USB cable to PC, select "Just charge" on the phone

    4) Run the script novaterm.bat from "C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc\terminal"

    5) Select "Connect" and you are logged into your device on a Linux shell

    6) Go to /tmp using cd /tmp and download the from tfelgentreffs post in this thread using something like wget etouches. Redefining Event Software. (I used my dropbox public folder for this)

    7) Run cd /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/ and then unzip /tmp/

    8) Run install script using ./

    9) Copy the json files to the two extra locations:

    cp /var/palm/ls2/roles/com.spotify.palmserver.json /var/palm/ls2/roles/pub

    cp /var/palm/ls2/roles/com.spotify.palmserver.json /var/palm/ls2/roles/prv

    10) Restart your phone, and you're done! (hopefully)
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    Thanks for your replies. I am still waiting for App Tuckerbox to register. I am not sure if it is stuck or it does take long time to register. Anyways if this doesn't work, I will use metod descibed by Ziplock.

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