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    Just got a Pre 3 (at&t)
    it has webos 2.2.3 .. could anyone guide me how to update to 2.2.4 (without losing my contacts only)
    when iam check system updates it says "your phone is up to date"

    and presently battery drain is huge ( 1% per two minutes , wifi and data off )

    and some one plz help me ..wherez the filemanager in webos >>>> ?? ?
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $for$ $AT$&$amp$;$T$ $the$ $latest$ $version$ $is$ $2$.$2$.$3$; $2$.$2$.$4$ $is$ $basically$ $the$ $2$.$2$.$3$ $but$ $then$ $for$ $all$ $non$-$AT$&$amp$;$T$ $Pre$ $3$'$s$.
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    ^ ohh cool..
    just updated my pre3 to 2.2.4 usin doctor
    noticeable performance and battery life increase ...
    guys could you suggest me some good patches for improving batt life and all the essentials ?

    when its idle its fine but during usage it's going down 1% for every 2 mins
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    If it's new, just wait some days and the battery life should stabilize.
    Still, 1% every 2 mins is a huge drain. Install Dr. Battery from Preware and check the battery health from it.

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    Here is a good way to extend battery life. You'll need Mode Switcher from Preware.
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    Yep it is new..
    and yes after update to 2.2.4 looks like its being stabilized
    dr.battery shows batt health 99%

    thx guys for ur great suggestions..

    any help with the patches ?

    how much improvement does uberkernal does ?
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    On Pre 2 and Veer I find UberKernel can offer tweaks to help battery life...

    Here's a link to a post I made about it. help: if this is really do-able, then i want to do it

    Welcome and good luck.
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    99% battery health on a new phone I don't think it's very good. My pre3 switched to 99% of health after approx a month.
    Watch your battery health regularly.

    To save battery life, with a custom kernel (such as UberKernel) installed, set Screenstate mode to True. Also ensure that the brightness of the display is not too high.


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