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    Anyone else noticed that the mobile version of Googles image search aint working? I can no longer tap to enlarge the images unless using the classic version.

    My Pre works fine but not the Pre3.

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    I am having the same issue on my Verizon Pre 3.
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    Its the new version of the software. That along with the issue with the maps and the distorted contact photos when one receives a call have made up my mind to revert to 2.1

    I'll try internals pro to stop it from updating again. Grrrr
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    Yeah a little while back they changed the programming yet again.
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    for me it is also failing, though it was 2.2.4 but seems it was same on touchpad: switch to 'klassisch' or basic version in on the footer or image search page after you found an image in the mobile version: Google Image search issues.
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    oh and here is a app tip that can do the same: pix

    Google images gallery view does not work anymore
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    The image search works sometimes for me and other times it does not. I thought it was because I was using the encrypted version, but even the unsecured search pages do not work.

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