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    Initially camera seems to work to take pictures but when taken, the small sample shown in corner, I am unable to tap it to open up full picture nor does it show up in in photo roll.

    As I had similar problem with Pre2 Media Indexer, I thought deleting file in var/luna/data/filenotify.db3 & rebooting would do it. Not only did it not fix it, upen trying it 2nd time, now when opening camera app, I just get a grey screen! Have removed all patches to do with camera too.

    Please help before I may have to Doctor this! Thanks
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    temporarily pull off all your images/photos (including wallpapers) from your USB drive to your PC and then see if it works properly.
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    I wish HP Palm would hurry up and fix the media-indexing bug. It is the most frustrating thing about the Pre 2 and Pre 3 in my opinion. I don't know how they could release the Pre 3 without fixing the bug first.

    Stu :-)

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