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    I know I've posted a similar thread in webOS general discussion, with no responses. Since I can only guess it's a Pre 3 issue I thought I'd see if I have more luck here...

    Basically, my Pre 3 doesn't display Cufon or typeface.jsjsjs $fonts$ $on$ $websites$ $properly$. $I$'$ve$ $tried$ $clearing$ $cache$, $history$, $cookies$, $and$ $also$ $doctoring$ - $no$ $change$. $Is$ $this$ $just$ $me$? $Please$ $could$ $someone$ $just$ $visit$ $these$ $links$ $and$ $see$ $if$ $the$ $text$ $displays$ $properly$ $for$ $them$? $Any$ $input$ $on$ $this$ $really$ $appreciated$.

    Mine is a GSM Pre 3, firmware listed as MU2.0.30(3500), webOS version 2.2.0, build number is 3171.

    typeface.js site link
    Cufon site link

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    I can confirm this isn't working on a Pre 3 (2.2.0).
    My patches:

    All my patches are available in Preware.

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