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    Quote Originally Posted by imfallen_angel View Post
    Odd, I have 2 Pre3, one is a European one unlocked, and the other is a AT&T unlocked.

    There is absolutely no difference between the two, and both simply needed to go to accounts, create a Skype one (or log in) and from there, Skype is available via the chat app, from which I can activate the talk or video mode.

    I just retested tonight with both phones and 2 of my Touchpads, aside the very high pitch feedback from the devices being too close to each other, they all worked as they should.
    Can verify! - On AT&T Pre3 unlocked Australia.
    HP Messaging App-->Dropdown box 'Messaging'-->Preferences & Accounts-->Add IM Account-->Skype.

    TP 32Gb 4G. 3.0.5 / CM10. ~ Pre3 16Gb GSM. 2.2.4. ~ TS2 BT Audio-Dock ~ HP iPaq. hx-2790b.
    TP 32Gb Wifi. 3.0.5 / CM10. ~ Veer (Wht.) 8Gb GSM. 2.2.4. ~ HP Omen-15-5206tx. 256Gb SSD. i7-O/C@3.39Ghz. Win10.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KURT B View Post
    In the post I reference you can download the Skype.ipk file from post #15. install it thru preware, and do the json mod in post #41 to keep the app icon visible. I think the app version is 1.0.3. If you do not have it PM me and I can send it to you.
    Hi, Kurt. you help me please. I remember you gave me the ipk skepy, you can send it back to me please. version 1.0.3 is left blank when I open it. regards

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    Pm me your email address and I will send you the IPK.
    Yes, that is a Britten super bike.
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    Skype is dead for webOS. Connection works and then disconnects. Sorry about that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Morford View Post
    Skype is dead for webOS. Connection works and then disconnects. Sorry about that.
    Yes, it is true! I hadn't used Skype in ages, but was bringing my Sprint FrankenPre2 to Europe hoping I could use Skype over wifi and just before the August trip the service broke. Changes under Microsoft's ownership in either July or August of 2017 render it useless on webOS...

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    Dang, it seems to be getting harder and harder for our little devices to keep up😖
    Yes, that is a Britten super bike.
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