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Free (used) Pre3 to my favorite Post.
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My dev forum is getting evicted due to lack of of activity! Before that happens maybe you can share your favorite/worst moment with one of my apps and I'll send one of you a used, but fully functional Pre3.
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Favorite moment? That would be the period of time when everyone in LOOT was excessively using Text Morpher in the threads. haha

Sorry for your loss of the forum.
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I tried to be clever for a little bit decided against posting but oops, I'm sharing my thoughts...

Never used your software, Looked the pieces you have posted in your signature and your PC Display master sounds really cool.

When looking through it I had an idea that a sms function that forwards a recieved sms to your pc could be added. You already have a network connection established. Programming logistics sound solid (in my head but maybe it is more complicated than I know ) I don't know how many people besides me would use it though.

Presentation slide switcher pictures are broken on my screen on the HP dev site.

My Pre- is failing. I could use a phone but I don't necessarily need one either - I will certainly live on.

Maybe this is your most favorite post.
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Did you write Ransom Note too? It seems to be MIA now. I had it installed before I had to do an erase, but it isn't found anymore.
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