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[Checkbook]Export bug.
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Today I switch from Checkbook Beta to Checkbook (finally...) and found a bug during export. When the amount is greater than a million, ex $1,200,000, it will export "1.2M" instead of the real number. When the account is imported the amount becomes $1.2.

PS. I'm not that rich, just my currency is smaller than dollars. For the same reason I'll appreciate if the number after decimal can be set to not shown. It occupies too much space, ex. $986,000.00
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Oops. I'll make a note and fix the export number count soon.

I'll also look into more user-side adjustments for currency display.
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Old 01/22/2013, 03:51 AM   #3 (permalink)
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Any update on this?

My problem is similar, only a little harder. My currency if Ft. So in the exports it looks like "Ft3 600,00" or the worst one "-Ft3 600,00". I've been unable to find a program that can import this like a currency, so I have to massage the file a lot before use.
(i know, my locale (hu_HU) is screwed up really hard, but I couldn't find a way to change it).

Maybe it would be much more simple if the program would export only the amount and not try to format it as a currency. Anyway as I know Checkbook doesn't handle multiple currencies, so it makes no sense to export it like that?!
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