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    Great article, even if it is titled "BlackBerry."

    My Treo knows more about me, than I do! This article gave me the final nudge necessary to activate my Treo password and to give mSafe the free 5 day trial.. . . . . which I bought and installed.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Great further info, Darnell!

    Doesn't matter what you use. . . . just do it!

    Peace of mind later, is a great thing. "Wish I would have's" (in the politically correct terminology of my daughter's middle school) . . . . lack quality.
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    I will remove the mSafe reference, if this thread can stay in General Chat. I believe more people will see it here and that securing your Treo's information is a valid discussion point for General Chat. . . . . .
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    Is there a key combination that allows you to active the Treo password like you can with the keyguard
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToroA
    Is there a key combination that allows you to active the Treo password like you can with the keyguard
    Anyone? (Not that I know of.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToroA
    Is there a key combination that allows you to active the Treo password like you can with the keyguard
    You can set your Treo to Autolock on turning off your Treo. Not exactly the same thing, but might work for a lot of situations.
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    Bump. We just had a TC member have his Treo stolen. An ounce of pervention is worth a pound of cure . . . . . . give it some thought folks.

    I have installed the password on protection provided by the Palm OS operting system and mSafe.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I actually just recieved a memo from my company stating that all PDAs and phones had to use some form of security program if they are synching with our Exchange servers. I've started to use the built in security program and I'm pretty happy with it so far.
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    I've had bad luck with the built in lock/password function. If I enable it, I lose the ability to retrieve E-Mails and have to hard reset to get it back.

    Will have to look at Msafe.
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    I thought I would post some info on how the security app seems to be working for me. There are some interesting things that you can and can't do with it enabled.

    First, my setup is as follows: Keyguard is disabled, Auto-Off is set to 30 seconds, I have assigned a password, Auto-Lock is set to On power off and Current Privacy is show Records.

    When my Treo is locked I can:
    Turn the Radio on or Off
    • Make an emergency call (911 in the US)
    • See and answer or ignore phone calls coming in (including the number or contact name and picture if its someone in my Contacts)
    • See missed calls
    • See Alerts, although all of my meetings reminders show up as "Private Appointment"
    • Recieve and see text and Verichat Messages, you can reply to a Verichat message with a custom repsonse or one of your predefined messages. Clicking on Chat brings up the password screen.
    • Doing a soft reset still requires entering the password to get access to your Treo.
    That's all I've found so far. Anyone else have different experiences with the security app?
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    I've been using TealLock recently. This app will also encrypt/decrypt data, both on the Treo and the SD card too. My only problem with this is that it takes more than several seconds to decrypt data, before I can start using my Treo again. The long pause makes me tired of using it. But for the peace of mind, I really should use it more often.
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    There's another thread running around here (and I thought it was this one) which involves using the Free program TreoHelper. It can read your SMS messages, and then upon finding one that says "lost" (or whatever you set it for), will enable the built-in Palm Locking feature. This will display the "Owner" screen, along with any text you've typed in there about a reward or a contact number.

    This is a totally free option, and it seems to work well. Of course, mSafe seems ideal here, but the TreoHelper option seems to be a good balance of cost versus security versus convienience.

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    Hey guys, this is great info. I'm new to this site and to Treos, having just recently bought mine. I looked at all the info I've pumped in my Treo since getting it and I said oh !@# What if I lose this thing. Great info and dialog. Thanks.

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    GAH! Now I'm worried...I lost my 755 at a ballgame several weeks ago. You bet I'll have some type of security on the replacement. Thanks for the link...
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    Here's a good discussion about msafe and BluePill, I use BluePill but may look into msafe since I'm not real familiar with it.
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    Butler has the same security settings. You can set it to lock, erase the palm or erase palm and MiniSD card with an SMS. I have tried all three out (after a good back up with NV Backup safe on another SD card) and it worked great. Plus the other features of Butler are worth the money too!
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    I used TreoHelper for a long, long time and then went looking for a security application that had the feature built in. I now use TealLock 6 and find it to be stable and very customizable. When it does lock (set to lock between 10A & 8P) a screen comes up with the password and a button to press in order to call my other cell phone. I do not use the remote off feature.

    For the remote off feature, I use BluePill for the "quick" death of the device if it is lost. It zaps the device before you know it has been zapped. Both work well together.

    mLock works well also, but is not as configurable as TealLock.


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