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    I read about the Treo GPS, using Mapopolisís family of GPS, in the Treocentral home page. Is anyone using this or similar GPS and is willing to shed judgment on it? Is it worth the money and effort?
    Thanks! m00se
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    In the "Article Comments" section of the discussion boards, you can see the administrator from treocentral will be reviewing this item shortly. If you have questions, or want to give him some input, I would suggest you post there.

    For me, the negatives so far are: No voice prompting; two units (gps and treo) with a cable in between instead of a device that snaps on the treo.

    Neutrals: Screen size of treo may be hard to read, 12V power source is a plus for driving, but a minus for portability.

    Positives: Having my treo do one more thing to make people go: "You mean that thing's a phone, a Palm organizer, surfts the net, gets email, AND it's a GPS???"


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    Can't wait for the review ...

    "voice prompts" would be nice .. but <$200 .. guess can't get everything.

    Price beats the $999 Garmin Pilot III, eh?
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    Wonder if there is any product pack out there that only includes the software and cable? Reason im asking is i already got a built in GPS antenna in my car so it would be nice if it could be hooked up to that instead?

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    I went through quite a bit to get my Garmin GPS handheld (the eMap model) to work with my Treo.

    As it turns out, Treo's serial port draws power from the device it's connected to. This is fine if it's connected to a laptop (which powers the necessary pins on the connector). But if the treo is connected to something like a GPS (which only uses the 3 pins necessary to do communication, the "power" pins are not wired because it assumes that the device it's connected to provides its own power), you have to rig up your own cable, or else no serial port.

    Details on how to make one are here (pretty simple, if you don't mind some soldering...)

    You may be able to buy one somewhere, but it requires its own power source! In my case, it's a 9 volt battery. It sure ain't an elegant solution. I presume that the new GPS-treo unit must provide this power source as well.
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    Very interesting! Thanks, jmw
    I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.
    -Mark Twain
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    I ordered the device on Friday so I should be getting it sometime this week. Can't wait to try it out. Hopefully it will help me out in my Vacation Trip to Florida. Never been there so I will be relieing on my damm Treo and the directions. I will give it a test sprin around the neighborhood to see how well it works. My Handspring Prism has the Visor Companion but the software that Magellan gave was weak. I used mapoolis and seems decent but the maps kill the whole 8MB of memory on my Visor Prism. So I dumped that idea. Lets see now with 16 MB of memory how many maps I can load up.

    I will keep you all posted as soon as I get it and give it a try. I like the fact that it has a long cable so you can put the GPS unit just about anywhere and have the screen near me as opposed to the Companion on my Visor. I needed to be near the side window to be able to lock onto the sats and it was very hard reading it that way.

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