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    Hi. Somebody mentioned a T-mobile upgrade plan in a prior thread. Does anyone have details on that? I have a 180 and I'd consider upgrading to a 270 if the price was right. If not, I'll wait for the next gen to come out. If I'm going to pay top dollar I want the latest and greatest!
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    I spoke with t-mobile... at the moment they have no plans for such an upgrade path.
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    I asked the question last time speaking with a T-mobile Rep. She said no problem.. the cost $399.00. Wow! what a steal!
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    I upgraded over then phone directly with T-Mobile 3 weeks ago but the device didn't show up as promised (2 Day air). I cancelled the order and went to their retail store near me and got the Treo 270 for $369.00 then returned it a week later because of a lose lid. They replaced it at the store with no problems. Obviously I signed a one year contract to get the upgrade price.
  5. #5 is offering a $200 rebate right now on the 270 dropping it to $300. If you don't currently have a service contract for your 180 you can also cancel your service and get the additional $100 rebate that T-Mo is offering dropping it to $200. If you are under contract you may just wanna wait until it's over because HS will be trying to clear inventory for the next quarter to make ready for their new products.
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    The only reason I didn't take advantage of the Amazon deal is the requirement to do the "activatiob=n". Keeping my old number was important since it's on business cards etc.

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