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    Does anyone know how to solve the digitalizer inaccuracy issue? After resetting the digitalizer, my Treo270 is till off by as much as 2mm! Unfortunately, it is not consistant and is 2mm off on the RHS of the screem and 2mm off in the other direction in the LHS of the screen.

    I've seem a few digitalization programs that forces a calibration but none that questions the accuracy of a calibration.

    Are there any replacement digitalizing programs or hacks out there that can do this?
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    Hi Abid,

    maybe this problem has something to do with the way you calibrate the digitizer in your settings?

    As far as I understand the digitizer application, it calibrates the writing area according to the angle you tap the X-spot at. Did you try to tap 2mms to the left ot the right, respectively, to force the calibration to the right place?

    (fig. 1)

    If X is the calibration spot and the Treo calibrates itself after your tapping to a point 2mms to the left, why not trying to tap to where the x is?

    (fig. 2)

    Good luck, Marcus

    PS Mmmmh, somehow my drawings seem to be not so clear, but hopefully you know what I mean anyway ;-) M
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    Hi Marcus,

    Your diagrams are clear. I've sort of tried this technique but I get strange results! Still trying to see what offsets I have to use to get the final result correct.

    It's quite a bummer having to guess where the pen tap goes.
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    Usually digitizer issues are hack or third party app related. You might try disabling your hacks, resetting an seeing if it still happens. If not, then adding hack at a time will help you find which one it is. I've also heard 3rd aprty apps can cause the issue. Added any new apps recently?

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