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    The fine folks from the summer tour have made it to Chicago. I just met them at the corner of State and Washington, and got a free palm leather slip case. Not too shabby.

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    i saw the smart cars on my way home yesterday around 530 or so and they where on mannheim just north of 72 and they pulled into a hotel right around there but i didnt get to see which one.... but thank god i am off tomorrow so hopefully i can find them and get some free stuff..
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    ...not there. Wha?
    Don't be so surprised, It would seem that the same company that thought the ice queen talking about jugglers would sell phones cannot tell directions either. You'll note the post above about the 401 Wabash absentia. I sat in 2 hours of rush hour traffic to get there only for them to no-show.

    Palm is not one of my favorite companies right now. I only hope they can get their ***** together at some point...Maybe HP will help, or this summer tour will be their farewell tour.

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    Told my sister to keep an eye out for Palm Smart Cars and they parked right outside her work. She showed them her Pre and they gave her a leather case and a tshirt. She asked if she could get anything for me and scored an extra leather case.
    I think she said they were somewhere by the Magnificent Mile. She also said they planned on being at the Blackhawks rally on Friday.
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    If anyone hears of where they are tomorrow let me know. I'll be setting up credit card terminals at Blues Fest (Grant Park) and will rush to where ever they are spotted! I need me some Palm loving... no, wait.. that didn't come out right....

    If they are at the Blackhawks rally, that'll be like finding a needle in 10 haystacks! But post right away if you see them!
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    They are currently at the Blackhawks Stanley Cup Championship Parade. I got a Leather Slip Case and a t-shirt at the beginning of the route on Randolph and Clinton. They did not have any touchstones.
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    If you run into them please post the street intersection. I'm trapped on Chi right now since Union Station is at a standstill and overflowing. Figured I'd at least try to find the Palm team and make the best of the situation.

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