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    Yes, I know the Treo's Address/Phone functions are optimized for use as a cell phone "first".

    Still, people work differently. And so, ...

    How can I map the "Contacts" app to the Phone hardware button? It's the third icon in the Address/Phone section.

    The Contacts app is not listed when I attempt to remap it in Prefs/Buttons.



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    I don't know why the Button Configuration doesn't show 'Contacts' in the App List.

    You can reconfigure your buttons using a nice free little utility program called TreoTools. You can download anywhere including PalmGear.

    I checked and you can configure the phone button to the Contacts app.

    You can also configure secondary programs to launch when you hit the options button then the hardware button.

    For example you can reconfigure your button to launch Contacts when pressed on it's own but launch PhoneBook when you press Option then the phone button.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for replying NickC,

    I believe you mean "TreoButton" instead of "TreoTools". The latter will automatically turn the phone on after a reset, and allow you to set automatic phone on/off times.

    I may try TreoButton, but I'm cautious about conflicts with Buttons-T which I have installed right now. Perhaps I'll delete the latter and try the former in the near future.

    Additionally, I have a 180g and don't know how much value I'd realize since it appears to be written expressly for thumboard models.

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    EasyLaunch lets you map the Contacts app, and doesn't interfere with Buttons-T.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, mfacelle. I may look into it, but I don't think I'm ready to give up the venerable McPhling.

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    Yes...I did mean TreoButton. I like it better than Button-T because it also allows a SHIFT/Button Option.

    But I didn't realize until just now that you have the grafitti model.

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