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    Quote Originally Posted by PRedwood View Post

    For dictation, even on a desktop computer it is slow.
    No. It's not.
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    My previous phone had voice command and I never used it, so I really don't even miss it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PRedwood View Post
    I think there's two issues you need to understand.

    1. It is a prioritization thing. Palm has all their developers busy working on some feature or bug fixes. Until voice recognition percolates up in priority, it doesn't get implemented. Homebrew, OTOH, can work on what they want when they want so they can create "niche" features.

    2. When a company implements a feature, it needs to be done at a much more stringent level, with testing and whatnot, than what a homebrew developer does. Most companies have a process where a marketing person researches what people want from that feature and write that up. Then the developer writes a design document that is reviewed by the marketing person and by the quality assurance testers. When everyone is ok with that document, the developer implements the feature. Then the quality assurance test it and find a bunch of problems with edge cases and bugs which need to be fixed.

    A homebrew developer can skip all that and implement whatever feature he wants. Usually, he doesn't have a quality assurance team so he tests it a little and then puts it out and users help test it. It is a _lot_ faster because he skips all the process that a company has to go thru.
    QFT. SDLC isn't exactly easy to manage.

    Simply put, homebrewers only need to care about their own piece. Palm needs to make sure it works with everything. Customers sure won't be happy if they use an advertised feature and realize it breaks another.
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