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    I have two problems:
    1) I deleted some of my texts messages by swiping the user off the screen in my main text messaging window and then pressing delete and now certain contacts won't reappear in my window when they send me a new text message. I will get an alert saying I have a new text and I'll click on their message alert at the bottom of the screen and then the conversation with that contact will appear but when I do the back gesture and go to the main messaging screen the conversation with that contact is no where to be found. I have done this with several different people and only certain ones won't repopulate in the main messaging screen. For example, My girlfriend's texts will always reappear if I delete our whole conversation on the main messaging screen but my dad's or my brother's conversations do not show up. Any advice?
    2) Is it possible to upload my contacts from my phone to google? I have tried it several times and nothing seems to work. Any thoughts on how to fix that?
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    i recently had my palm pre replace because my last 1 was freezing up and not receiving messages from certain people in my contacts. the 1 i have now will receive picture meassages from the people in my contacts but not regular text messages. how do i fix this?

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