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    Hey all,

    My wife connected her 700p cradle to the wall to give it power, then she connected the USB cable to her laptop. As soon as the usb cable touched the usb port, she said that the computer went completely black (shut off) and would not turn on..

    About 10 minutes later, it started up.... The laptop seems to be fine now -- any idea what happened? How would she prevent it?

    Thanks a ton!,

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    Which cradle? What manufacturer? The 700P does not come with a cradle.
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    It says "PDA cradle" made in china... that may be a clue...
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    It shouldn't happen if its the palm cradle.
    If its a cheap one off of ebay, then it could happen because of wiring, but its weird.
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    I'd get an OEM cradle or one from another good manufacturer. That's too scary!!
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