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    Just found something I DON'T like about the Treo (outside of this, I think it's the best money I've ever spent). Every other cell phone I've owned that had a voice memo feature had the ability to record the incoming call when the feature was activated, which was convenient for getting a record of phone numbers or important info from a caller while driving. But not on the 755p. Doesn't seem to record incoming calls. Also, when I play back memos, they only seem to play back through the speaker, not the earpiece. There's gotta be a way around this, don't want to annoy everyone around me when playing back memos.
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    HTC Touch Pro
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    My Nextel is a smartphone and has voice memo and its capacity just plain stinks. Call Recorder 4 or v5, just released, an excellent application.

    There are others also....

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    OK, I just downloaded this CallRec. I'll install it and see what happens.
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    Just installed CallRec. F***ing brilliant!!!! For only $20.00! Why couldn't Palm have just included this with the phone (along with a voice dial feature that I had on my dinky little i500)?
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    Ok, so I've got a weird bug...there's one phone number that whenever I dial it, the phone resets itself. I deleted CallRec and that number worked fine, then re-installed and it resets itself again but only when I try to fial that particualr number. Anyone else have this problem?
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    here is a quick question - using the Palm app (I already have recorded stuff in there), is there a way to turn them into MP3 or WAV files, or a convertor if I email them to myself on my desktop?

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    I just answered my question - Qualcomm has a free app that will convert .qcp files into WAV files

    I just converted my files and it works great!
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    Well, CallRec is not playing nice with my phone. Now, whenever I try to use Sprint Voice Command, th ephone resets itself. I deleted ot and everything works fine. Why is this happening?
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    I suggest a note to the CallRecorder people and let them know. Include the error message if you can.


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