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    Screen Protector, holster, mSafe & buying the wife her own Treo 650.
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    I use a Ripoffs nylon holster with flap that faces the screen inward and have a screen protector. I haven't dropped it except on carpet, but there's a spot just to the left of the LED where the silver's been scraped away. I think its from where the holster flap is cut away for the antenna...something got through there and scraped it.

    No skins or anything for me since I have the 4850 car mount and the PalmOne desk cradle. I've thought about getting eGrips, but haven't really seen the need (I use a BT headset or the car mount most of the time).
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    My first 2 T600 travelled naked and had many scars to prove it.

    My third replacement ended up dressed in the nylon slip case that ships with the T600.

    It took a bit of getting used to, like always using seatbelts when they first became law here.

    Other than the wear on the 5 way, this T600 looks like new and it bounces safely in it's nylon slipcase.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xtasyboi_00
    Just curious. How do you take care of your treo?
    Well balanced meals (no food after 8), excercise 30 minutes a day (alternating days for screen toning and keyboard reps), a good amount of quality play time, and just general TLC. It's a two way street...

    If I neglect anything I find out real quick with white screens and multiple resets...

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    i sent mine skipping down the sidwalk first week, it has road rash
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    sceen protecter and leathercase and tender loving care.
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    Go to best buy, the leather holster case is super cool. its about 29.99.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swagner
    Screen protector only. No case and I carry it in my pants pocket (not the one with keys or change). It has been dropped once in a driveway and has a few dings too prove it, otherwise it is in good shape. (Almost a year like this).

    Just an addition... I charge it almost every night and the battery has never gone dead on me. Hotsync via bluetooth just about daily. Backup automatically to card at 2AM every night.

    Nice, i bet you really like your treo.. I think ill freak out if i lose mine. Every thing is stored in there. Thats why i hotsync it once in awhile tho, not daily
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    Boxwave screen protector and a Sedio plastic holster. That's it. The holster scratches it in three places, plus various accidents have scuffed it quite badly in many places.

    It still works like a champ.

    There's no need for it to look like a work of art in a museum. It is a tool. Well-loved tools look used...

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    Innopocket aluminum hard case, egrips, screen protector and always in my vest pocket wherever I go.
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    My Treo is completely naked. I don't even use a screen protector. I've had it for a year, have dropped it several times(once on concrete - that was scary!), and I only have one little nick on it and nothing's wrong with the screen. It seems pretty durable.
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    Smartphones Experts screen covers and Covertec horizonal case. Screen protectors are not as clear as I would like - they are non-glare and therefore look a little "fuzzy". I am going with the Boxwaves next. Also, after 3 weeks with the case - I don't like horizonals - I am going with the Seidio vertical leather pouch. I am still debating on eGrips. That looks like a solution, but I still like it nekked.
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    I hold him, and pet him, and hug him, and squeeze him, and I named him "George."
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    I have dropped my Treo 650 many, many times. It's now protected by a Vaja T65 case.
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