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    Well not to rain on anyones parade but here in Denver there was an ***** who posted he had a xbox 360 for sale for $350. He asked for cash only. This couple decides to show up and meet with the guy since they had "cash in hand". The guy shows up with a couple of his buddes and robbed the couple knowing they had the money in hand. The really sad part is the couple had their 8 year kid with them. So be weary about Craigslist. I mean I've had nothing but good luck with it, selling my phones, games, and buying. But you never know...
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    I was curious about this and emailed the guy. He says the offer on the phone is up to 1g. I hope someone from this board buys it so we could see the phone...if this isn't a scam.
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    Looks like Mr. Newmark took that post down:

    - $800 (los gatos)

    Date: 2006-03-09, 1:57PM PST

    This posting has been removed by craigslist staff.


    To bad I live in the area and would have liked to check it out. If it indeed it was real then I guess it's a good sign that something should be coming out from Palm soon.

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