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A request to webos developers
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hello everyone i am having a problem with my palm pixi plus.. this 30sec video will show you what problem i am facing..
Palm pixi plus - YouTube

The lower-left side of the screen is having a problem...its automatically getting touch n responding to that....i'v heard that its a hardware problem and can not be solved...i bought it from ebay.in and cannot claim the warranty...its really annoying and i can hardly use this phone...

after lots of thinking i thought about a software solution to this problem.....i thought if i could disable the touch of that particular portion of the screen which is having problem...i am not a developer and dont have any idea about how to code this thing...
so i am requesting all the developers to please make some sort of patch to solve my problem if possible...

dont know if its a right place to post this...plz guide me
thank you...waiting for your replies...
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