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Android and CWM not appearing on Moboot?
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Hi All,

So I previously uninstalled Android to free up some room on my tablet for LunaCE, however, I want to now reinstall Android.

Now, when I install android (standard install method: moboot + CWM + CM9 + gAPPS), Moboot only shows WebOS and WebOS recovery (no CyanogenMod 9 or ClockworkMod).

The install process DOES install Android though: It inflates all the packages.

I tried with various Nightlies and even the alpha build. Nothing. Am I doing something wrong here? Does LunaCE block the installation of CM9?


p.s Posted on Rootzwiki as well
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What about trying cm10? It's fast and have a new Acmeinstaller, maybe it work better for you
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