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    I had the Kindle app installed in CM7.1 Alpha 3. 5 and everything was great. However, when I went to CM9, the Kindle app seemed to revert to a phone mode from a tablet mode. With CM7.1, I had options to adjust margins, two-page view, shrink the text very small, etc. With CM9, I'm stuck what looks to be a phone mode. No options for margins, and even the smallest text is gigantic. I can fit a couple of paragraphs on the screen and it means constant flipping when I'm reading.

    Any ideas on how to force or get the Kindle app to switch to tablet mode for CM9 Alpha 2? Thanks!
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    Me Too, Me Too! I just asked over on rootzwiki, there was such a thread from cm7 days, but it had not been updated since October. 1 wide column in landscape is just kinda wierd.
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    i wondered what it was doing. now i know. thanks. lets hope theres a fix soon.

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    Anyone find a fix to this yet?

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