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Skott Ahn said: "It creates a new path for LG to offer an intuitive user experience and Internet services across a range of consumer electronics devices".

I believe LG will use WebOS more further than just for Smart TVs...

PS: Porting WebOS to LG Nexus4 with his charging Orb, gets now even more sense =)
I believe the same.
Some points: LG had the chance to use open source code of webOS to build its next Smart TV platform. The fact that they are instead buying all is related to webOS from HP let me think that they might have a major plan about it. I've read something like "webOS will be heart and soul of our R&D laboratories" on one of the early news this morning.
LG is probably going to build some Firefox OS phones so i don't see the reason why they shouldn't want to try some webOS mobile hardware too.

Lately i've been asking you in this forum if it wouldn't make sense for webOS developers to choose the Firefox OS or the Tizen path for the future. But this LG's new change everything back again.
webOS could easily run html5 apps written for those OSes too and through ACL might run some Android app as well.
With LG being already on of biggest smartphones vendors there is not reason to believe they cannot do better than, let's say, BlackBerry..

By the way, what will follow remains to be seen and LG might want to try and develop the platform first for its TV business.

What is sure is that this purchase brings hope to thousands of people and that webOS is potentially so powerful that it might open up more businesses for LG. Not only Smart TVs or smartphones or tablets, but kiosk's internet stations and, why not, some hybrid-laptops Chromebook-like.
If the future is in the cloud webOS it's in the future and LG with it.
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