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I don't get nearly enough sleep. I tend to sleep at around 2 in the morning, then have to get up for classes that start at 9. Good thing this week I don't have classes.

For aiding with sleep, I use my TouchPad as an MP3 player. I've got a number of albums loaded on it. My favorites are soundtracks from Aquaria and various songs made by Cipher Prime. Yeah, my collection is composed almost entirely of game music. I use in-ear buds rather than the standard type of buds, as the standard ones make the little ridge that holds the earbud into place hurt.

Before sleeping, I like to use Comics HD to read some of my favorite comics. Of course sometimes I get carried away and end up going through everything for an hour past bedtime.

A while back I was also reading books on my TouchPad. It gets awkward though, because I tend to read 90 degrees rotation to what the tablet think is down. So unless I turn on orientation lock it's always sideways.
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