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Derek stated in his first review of the TouchPad on the missing Tasks app: "The omission of a to-do app, a staple on webOS devices for over two years and on Palm OS devices all the way back to the beginning of time, that’s particularly egregious."
It wasn't delivered later on, even if all the groundworks seem to be there.

I just got a TouchPad and had forgotten, that no tasks app would be there to sync my Zarafa (EAS) task which my webOS-phones do without a problem.

So i gave it a shot and just packed \usr\palm\applications\\ of from the unpacked Pre2 2.2.4 doctor (important as Pre3 doctor uses the images in wrong /1.5/* folder) using IPK-Packager.

Installed this IPK on TouchPad with Internals Pro (which installs it to /media/cryptofs/app/usr/palm/applications/) and copied the whole directory from there to
\usr\palm\applications\. It asked if it should overwrite and i did. (There was a basic tasks-files structure with "visible": false attributes in)

After that do a full device restart and the Tasks (or localized name "Aufgaben"...) will apear in apps and it will launch the Mojo app in phoneformat.

To my suprise all my phone tasks were there. It seems it already restored the tasks-db from my same phone profile at entering the profile data on initial setup of Touchpad.
On top even the Exchange (Zarafa)-Tasks were there and what is best, they even sync in both ways.

Detailed How-to in main article by Ryan (thx):
How to add the Tasks app to your TouchPad | webOS Nation

The drawbacks:
* notifications are not shown cause app seems not to be integrated in 3.x notification framework --> patch to fix this
* in accounts (e.g. Exchange) you can not set tasks to "active" as the field and switch is missing, so if your profile hadn't already been actived to sync tasks, it could be that syncing does not work --> same patch to fix this
* only small screen .mojo app --> patch for "HD"-fullscreen version (in this version all the fixes above are included

Do also a full device restart after patching with one of the patches. You can't install both, the decision is between fullscreen or phone format, the rest is the same.

artxxork made an Advanced script to extract from 2.2.4 doctor jar (even Pre3 !) and patch it to full screen, add back buttons and create backup of existing folder all on TP itself (i have not tested this)
Patch Enhancing vCard Export -|- Your own cloud with Zarafa (EAS sync) -|-
Tasks-app of 2.x on 3.x incl.EAS sync -|- SYM key in Enyo on phones -|- My hidden webOS Tips and Tricks

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