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Hi all,
just want to share my new project idea. I'm very disappointed that my carrier data quota is almost every month filled in the middle of the month. The main reason is my every day news reading while going to work and back to home. Standard webOS browser is good enough to read the news, but the cache management isn't sufficient, if I'm going to the previous page, some data are refreshed.
RSS or other technologies doesn´t meet my requirements, because my favorite discussions under each article are omitted or forwarded to standard browser.
I really miss something like Opera mini, where my needs are covered by only 15Mbytes per month.
Thus, I decided to write some very simple browser designed for mobile news.

Main objectives:
  • - to gain more Enyo skills (for future openWebOS apps) - in progress, switching to Enyo 2
  • - reduce data transfer as possible (mobile proxy, image compression) - done using google proxy
  • - ability to cache everything (stored in database, only manual refresh on again-visited pages) - partially
  • - should work on webOS phone - done
  • - user adjustable font size, same size for portrait and landscape - done

The common Enyo issue is, that webview widget doesn´t work on phones at all... sadly, no way there for me.
No free online image compression tool

How to do it?

Proof of concept:

To set an simple Enyo kind with html content (as string) and show it. The html content is ajax response to GET from google mobile proxy (mobile optimized page with image compression). Then, I can parse the html string response, removed some strings, tags, connected the pages generated from google to one page again, etc... I had to write some functions to get the links to work and images to show... but well.


I have a first proof of concept application, where I can read the news with minimized data transfer and the same font size in both orientations! Able to read mobile or non-mobile optimized pages. Forget the horrible UI please ... it is in early stage, one day old app and I named it "wInNeR"


It is designed for my needs.... if someone like the app, the idea, I can share it for testing, whenit will be more stable.
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