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another (unrelated) thing i've thought of, is that a media center PC can act as a print server for mobile devices, and a WiFi router board could be used (optionally) as a power-saving measure (to wake up the main board when needed) and independently handle file storage and backup... the router component could even act as a home base Synergy server for phones and tablets. I realize that this is an added expense and a little "out there", but that's extra stability and extra capability.

Also for reliability, an emergency recovery image could be booted automatically if a problem is detected and the current OS installation needs to be repaired. These are all high-end features that most manufacturers won't be willing to provide for another decade
Well, it's funny you should say that because the system I had in mind would actually be based around a powerful home server. All the features you mention (aside from the recovery image, like that) I was thinking would be handled by a server with phones/tablets syncing across the board whenever they detected they were within range of the home network. However, I wouldn't want to use the media PC for it, I'd be looking to run a powerful home server for this. Why? Because it would be set up as a cloud server. By having this, it would allow apps to have two layers.

First, a portable version with good functionality to get things done when out and about.

Second, a home version which would expand the app by using the phone/tablet as the user interface whilst the home server did the hard work.

This way, things like games can be portable but also be absolutely kick *** at the same time

Just so we're not getting too sidetracked here, with regards to the remote, I see what you mean but I look at it that for a remote it chew through battery power very fast. Remotes tend to be fit and forget with regards to batteries so I'm not too keen on that. Besides, if you're going to use a phone, might as well use a normal phone with Bluetooth protocols, but that's just my opinion
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