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Tanks for the patch, I have been looking for this, and the Tweaks integration is a plus. I just need a bit of info about "Period", what is this? Are the numbers milliseconds? Finally, what do I have to restart to activate the settings, Messagin/Luna or phone?
Sorry, I probably should have included this information in the patch. Yes all the numbers are in milliseconds, so 1000 would be 1 second.

The period is alittle strange (not something I made, this is how Palm has it), basicly is it controls the time between vibrations. For example if you had the duration set to 1000 and the period set to 100 then you will get a vibrate pulse every 100 ms for 1000 ms, so in simple terms you would get 10 vibration pulses over the course of 1 second. Pretty much any setting below 30 for the period is too short to notice.

You don't have to do anything special to activate the changes they should take effect instantly. However I have noticed that with tweaks once you change a number you have to touch outside the box (so that the text box loses focus) before you quit out of tweaks.
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