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Originally Posted by GMMan View Post
Out of curiosity, why is the app so huge? On App Catalog it says around 400 MB, and installed it's around 200 MB.
That would be a question you'd have to ask the guys at sunnyvale for an explanation. I'm not 100% sure why, it doesn't make sense to me. The app is only 13MB when packaged in an .IPK. =( The only theory I can come up with off the top of my head is that because there are a ton of files, in many nested folders, the source is somewhat large in terms of quantity of files. In order for that to correlate to 400MB (????????), palm must be doing something on the other side that reserves extra space per file, per folder, per image, or whatever, for whatever reason they have, and they're doing this for every file or folder in the IPK. This happens to me on other IPK's as well, not just Neo. However Neo is the worst I have seen by far (13MB!=400MB!???!???!?)

Another theory is that they are randomly copying the ipk unto itself in attempt to confuse consumers into thinking they are getting more for their money.

Or the app uses some weird service that causes a memory bug when uploading to the servers causing a package to expand to an unusually large size and then not filling it with any data.

Or, you know, the Mayans. And 9/11.
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