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if you still have the shell open in the same place that you did the clone in, just type (if not try to reconstruct that.. clicking on the git shell icon should bring you to the right place):

cd ares-project
the prompt should now say something like:

[some top level directory where you pointed github to store its repositories]/ares-project (master)
now type

node ide.js --browser
And ares should be running now and open a browser with ares (for me it is not and crashed?? hmpf...). You can also omit the --browser part and manually point your browser at Mobile Nations.
From now on you can ignore the shell (but don't close it) and work in the browser. If something acts arkward (or not at all anymore) you can have a look in the shell to see if there are any error messages or if ares is crashed (which it does for me, all the time ) and restart it (just press up and enter ). Hope that helps a little.

If you want to stop ares press ctrl + c in the shell window.
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